Monday, April 27, 2015

Declaration of Candidacy for CTA State Council Representatives

The San Diego County Service Center Council is currently collecting Declaration of Candidacy forms for CTA State Council Representatives in the multiple electoral districts listed below.

Declaration of Candidacy forms for the Ethnic Minority At-Large State Council Seat are also being accepted at this time. This seat is open to eligiblecandidates from any electoral district (single or multiple) in districts N and P.

For further details, please consult the attached 2014-2015 CTA Election Manual (PDF).
  • N-SD-2 (Elected by members of: Escondido Elem. EA, Escondido Sec. TA, San Marcos EA)
° Representative(s)
± Michael DeVries (SMEA) (2013-2016)
± Kimberly Palazzo (ESTA) (2014-2017)
± Vacant (2014-2017)
± Jennifer Moon (EEEA) (2014-2016)
± Molly O’Hara (EEEA) (2012-2015)
° Alternate(s)

  • P-SD-1 (Elected by members of: Coronado A of T, National City Elem. TA, San Ysidro EA, Southwest TA, Sweetwater C&G)
° Representative(s)
± Elvia Estrella (SC&GA) (2013-2016)
± Lorena Garcia (STA) (2013-2016)
± Bertha Lopez (NCETA) (2012-2015)
° Alternate(s)
± Tracy Rolfe (SWTA (2014-2017)

  • P-SD-2 (Elected by members of: Alpine TA, Darnall Charter TA, Dehesa Teachers Association, Discovery Charter Sch. Teachers Union, Helix Charter HS, Jamul-Dulzura TA, La Mesa-Spring Valley TA, Lakeside TA, Lemon Grove TA, Mountain Empire TA, Santee TA, Steele Canyon CEA)
° Representative(s)
± Paul Schnaubelt (LMSVTA) (2013-2016)
± Jen Bradford (LMSVTA) (2014-2017)
± Gayle Malone (ATA) (2012-2015)
± Catherine Zmijewski (LTA) (2012-2015)
° Alternate(s)
± Stephanie Choularton (LMSVTA) (2012-2015)
  • P-SD-3 (Elected by members of: Assoc. of Educators, Rancho Santa Fe FA, San Dieguito FA, Solana Beach TA)
° Representative(s)
± Stephanie Cruz (AOE) (2012-2015)
± Tamara Reina (2013-2016)
° Alternate(s)

  • At-Large Representative (All Member Election)
± Ellen Cruz DeVincenzo (NCETA) (2012-2015)
Elected by all active CTA members in districts N and P.

Nominations are open. The terms of office are listed above. Anyone wishing to run for office must submit a declaration of candidacy form to the San Diego County Service Center Council (San Diego RRC) no later than 5:00 p.m., May 1, 2015. (Post-marked dates not accepted). Declarations will be accepted faxed, U.S. mail service, or electronically (scanned and emailed – make sure it is signed).

Declaration of Candidacy forms are available from your chapter president, by contacting the SDCSCC/San Diego RRC, or on the CTA Website – (login, search “declaration of candidacy”, click on Form Center, scroll down to where it says “CTA State Council Forms”, click on the “Declaration of Candidacy for State Council”).

Candidate statements are due with the declaration form and are limited to no more than thirty (30) words (please type or print clearly). Please note that SDCSCC will print only the first thirty (30) words (not including your name) of the statement; in the event there are more than thirty (30) words, words thirty-one (31) and on will be omitted.

Candidate Statements will be printed on biographical forms exactly as they are submitted by the candidates. Candidates will not be notified of declarations containing typographical errors, word count errors or issues with grammar. (If any portion of your statement is illegible, you will be contacted for clarification.)

For State Council Representative, the vote requirement is a majority vote. For Alternate, the vote requirement is a plurality.

Runners up will become alternates in all elections. If you declare for any of the vacancies, you are declaring for both representative and alternate.

Candidate Statements will be printed and distributed with ballots. Names will appear in order of the CTA Alphabet for 2013-2014:

All paperwork is DUE no later than 5:00 p.m., May 1, 2015 at the SDCSCC/San Diego RRC.