Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 19, 2013 Bargaining Update


9th Bargaining Session-District does minimum to avert impasse                                              
Dec 19, 2013

We opened our session with the District’s reported “budget deficit” of 10 million ( last Board mtg) shrinking to 4 million dollars this week. And, even that is a sham. Does anyone at SUHSD Admin know what is going on? Close inspection of the SUHSD Budget shows no deficit at all. SUHSD Board approved a budget that pays certificated salaries less this year than last and we have more students this year! You should see “Books & Supplies.” It was 16.8 million in 2012-13 and for 2013-14 it jumps to 35.3 million. Do you get my drift?

While SCGA members with families are looking at minimum February & March insurance benefits eating up almost $1400 of each month’s pay check, SUHSD tries to force us into adding Common Core onto our plates without any reduction in our workload or help with technology. Promises, promises, promises….We know that last spring when the district told us we could expect at least 68% in benefits coverage that if they don’t put that in writing it won’t happen.

The latest proposal from SUHSD Bargaining Team, 12/19/2013:
· fixed district benefit contribution of $12,068/per employee
· 1.5 % raise in Jan 2014, and another 1.5% raise in Jan 2015, NO RETRO
· take half the summer school registration extra duty our unit currently gets ( 60 hrs/HS and 30 hrs/MS) and reduce to only 7 hours / employee,
· reduce summer school counseling services to one counselor working 16 hours per site
· 400 students/one counselor status quo
· 2 year contract with no openers until 2015-16.

Our counter proposal is:
· Benefits: $12,068 and no out of pocket increase for the same plan in 2014-15
· 3% retro July 2013, 2% July 2014, 2 % Jan 2015
· 14 hours extra duty for credit recovery, summer school, APEX, Adult School, etc, etc./p counselor
· Reduction of case load to 380 students/one counselor
· 2 year contract

Agreement reached on
· Article 7, Transfers, re- Senority & split assignments
· Art 11, Leaves, Adoption leave, military leave and Exchange Program Leave
Next Meeting: Upon return from break, TBA

Happy Holidays from your Bargaining Team, Alfredo Cendejas, Melanie Hammond-Funk, Vernice Hernandez, Julie Hitchcock, Caryn Hoffman, & Rick Sevilla