Monday, October 27, 2014

#SUHSD School Board SCGA Endorsed Candidates

Thank you to the Sweetwater Education Association for sharing the candidate profiles with SCGA. 

Our candidate for Seat One, representing NCM, GJR, CVM, SUHI, CVH, and NCA, is Arturo Solis. Arturo is a middle school teacher and is extremely active in the National City community. He  is passionate about education and will work to put academic excellence and smaller class sizes first. His goal is to bring a collaborative approach to dealing with district issues.

Our candidate for Seat Two, representing BVM, HTM, BVH, and HTH is Adrian Arancibia. Adrian is a lifelong educator, and parent of future Sweetwater students, who intends to restore a sense of pride and hope in the district. He strongly believes in in advocating for community schools lower class sizes, and expanded curriculum options.  
Our candidate for Seat Three, representing RDM, ELM, OLY, OTR, ELH, AVA, PHS, CVA and East Hills, is Frank Tarantino. Frank dedicated his life's work to Sweetwater students by serving as a counselor for over 30 years! Frank has what it takes to help every student reach their full potential. He is committed to guiding the district to a "fiscally sound and morally strong future."
Frank Tarantino, Seat Three
Our candidate for Seat Four, representing CPM, CPH, SYH, SYA, and OSS/The Portal  is Nicholas Segura. Nicholas is an involved parent and union organizer with the IBEW.  He is also a mentor/trainer for the San Diego Electrical Training Trust. This experience has taught him the value of career technical education, which he seeks to expand. Nicholas will also demand complete transparency and regular, independent audits of the District's books.
Our candidate for Seat Five, representing MVA, MOM, MVH, MOH, SOH, SOM and MOA, is Paula Hall. As an education budget analyst, and Mar Vista parent, Paula will fight for more funding for the schools and students that are most in need. She promises to "direct dollars to the classroom" and increase public involvement in all district decisions.
In addition to receiving SEA's endorsement, all of our candidates have also been endorsed by the the San Diego Democratic Central Committee, as well as the San Diego Labor Council. 

Map of Areas for SUHSD School Board Election

For more info on the candidates:

Monday, October 6, 2014

What are School Counselors Doing Because of LCAP?

Reminder: Standards Committee Meeting tomorrow, 10/7, 8AM, at Sweetwater High's Counseling Center to discuss LCAP and LCFF! Be there!

In the meanwhile, see message below from CASC!

What are School Counselors 
Doing Because of LCAP?
Dear School Counselors,

Questions have recently arisen about the role school counselors are playing in their school district's Local Control Accountability Plan. With the state conference fast approaching, I want to put together a montage of pictures and statements that tell that story (see picture example below.) I would appreciate it if you and/or your counseling team would take a few moments to share what is happening in your school or district with me. Please email me at by October 23. Also, if you want the name of your district to be known please include that in the email or within the picture display. We will be showing these pictures and statements at our conference as well as posting them online so that other school counselors can access this valuable information and be able to take back ideas and examples to their school administrators.

There are a lot of changes happening across California including some very important national news that we will be sharing with all of you in the next few weeks. I appreciate you keeping CASC in the loop with your LCAP, allowing for the communication to flow frommember to member, and allowing us to be a conduit for this method of communication.
Thank you,
Loretta Whitson, Ed.D
Executive Director
California Association of School Counselors