Bargaining Season is in Full Swing

Thank you SCGA members for your support!
Progress in motion, but the journey continues. 

We've begun the good work, 
yet there's much more to be done on the path to success and change. 

Olympian High counselors showing their solidarity. Together, we build a better tomorrow. 🤝💪 #UnionSupport

@suhicounseling are dedicated SCGA supporters. Together, we make a difference. 🤝💪 #UnionSupporters

@bvh_counselors & SCGA: stand for worker rights, fairness, and progress. Together, we create a stronger, fairer society through advocacy, unity, and unwavering commitment. 🤝💪 #UnionAdvocacy

@syhcounselors supporting SCGA: Unions empower workers, advocate for fairness, and drive positive change. United, we stand stronger and make our collective voices heard. 🤝💪 #UnionSupport

Eastlake Middle counselors support SCGA advocating for the voice of workers, advocates for fairness, and champions of rights. Together, we shape a brighter future with strength and solidarity. 🤝💪 #UnionSupport

Eastlake High counselors & SCGA: Elevating workers' voices, safeguarding rights, and advancing fairness. Through unity and advocacy, we pave the way for a better tomorrow. 🤝💪 #UnionAdvocacy

Montgomery Middle School counselors & SCGA: Amplifying worker rights, championing equality, and driving positive change. United in advocacy, we shape a more just and inclusive world. 🤝💪 #UnionAdvocacy

Posters created by SCGA members adorn the bargaining meeting space.